Aquamarine – Traditional March Birthstone

The aquamarine gemstone, the traditional March birthstone, has a varied range of shades of blue, from the richest shade of the sea to an almost transparent pale blue. In fact, the name of the stone has its origin in Latin and is made up of two parts; “aqua” meaning water and “mare” meaning sea. So, aquamarine actually means “seawater.” Along with the emerald, it belongs to the beryl family of gemstones, and its typical color is caused by small amounts of iron impurities. Most of the aquamarine deposits of the world are found in Brazil, where the stone’s natural color mirrors the blue-green of the Mediterranean Sea, but aquamarine mining is also big in Australia. It is the state stone of Colorado.

Historical Significance with Water:

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

The discovery of Aquamarine dates back two thousand years in India, where the people believed that it had exceptional spiritual and magical powers. They often used the stone to clear their thought processes before giving public speeches. The early Egyptians, Greek and Romans put strong faith in the ability of this stone to invoke the water spirits; carrying the stone meant having a safe sea voyage. According to the Romans in particular, the aquamarine was the stone that fell from a mermaid’s jewelry box, got washed ashore and was found and worshipped by Neptune, the god of the sea. In early days, chains and rings having an aquamarine were worn by fishermen and sailors as a talisman to ward off evil and thought to bring good fortune.

Health Benefits of Aquamarine:

This close association of water and aquamarine continued; this stone was immersed in water, which was then used as a healing agent for liver, stomach, heart, mouth and throat illnesses. In the Middle Ages, amulets embellished with the aquamarine were worn by those having impaired vision. Even today, it is used to reduce the negative feeling of anger and bring peace of mind to the wearer. Used in meditation, it is also believed to have metaphysical properties that enhance quick response and awareness of mind and body. It is thought to cure aches in the throat, jaws and teeth. Drug addicts often use the aquamarine stone to help overcome their addiction.

Significance of Aquamarine Jewelry:

Romance is closely linked with the aquamarine; starting from its name to its color. It is gifted to married couples to preserve their love forever and base their marriage on truth. People wear all forms of jewelry made of the shimmering blue aquamarine because of its ability to enhance beauty, honesty and happiness. Friends gift each other aquamarine ornaments to symbolize their friendship and strengthen it with honesty, affection and trust. The color of this stone also represents the serene sky and sea; it is believed to draw the wearer closer to heaven and earth.

Why the Aquamarine for March?

This traditional March birthstone is a representation of hope and youth, through its many uses for restoring good health. This makes it perfect for the month that heralds the advent of spring, the season of renewed vitality in nature. The aquamarine also stands for individual inspiration and is the ideal birthstone for Pisceans, the zodiac sign for people born in March. The Pisces, or fish, is a creature of the water; this fits in perfectly with the birthstone and all that it symbolizes.