Birthstone Charms and Jewelry

Birthstone charms have long been a popular gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other special events. They are beautiful, personal, and easy to find. They make great gifts for both women and children and are always appreciated. Whatever the relationship or occasion, there is a birthstone charm or piece of jewelry that will suit the situation perfectly.

The Popularity of Birthstone Charms

There are few occasions as universally celebrated as birthdays. A person’s birthstone is special. It marks the month of their birth with the beauty of a precious or semi-precious stone. As a child, a pair of birthstone earrings is often the first gift of jewelry a girl receives from her parents. As a young woman, she may receive a birthstone necklaces or bracelet charms from grandparents, aunts and uncles, or best friends. In high school, most girls wear choose their birthstone as the jewel of their class ring. It is easy to see why a woman would be so fond of her birthstone. It reminds her of the events in her life that were special and the people who made them so.

Historically, birthstones have had their place in a number of cultures and civilizations. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Aztecs all assigned personal significance to different gemstones. There are even references to birthstones in the Bible. Now birthstones have become a large part of our culture. Even young girls know and recognize their birthstones and most have at least one birthstone charm in their possession.

Birthstone Charms and Jewelry For Special Occasions

Birthstone charms aren’t just for birthdays. They make appropriate gifts for nearly any occasion. They are most commonly given for birthdays and holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but they also work for more personal situations. A birthstone charm can be given to a mother or grandmother to celebrate the birth of a child. Birthstone jewelry can also be given as a graduation gift or in celebration of a major accomplishment such as getting a new job or receiving a promotion. They make great anniversary presents, especially when engraved with a date or personal message. If a situation calls for a gift, there is a good chance you can find a birthstone charm or piece of jewelry.

Types of Birthstone Charms

Though some people may be initially about buying a woman or girl something she probably already has, there is little reason for concern. Birthstone charms come in such a wide variety of types and styles that finding a unique birthstone gift is incredibly easy. From necklaces and earrings to charm bracelets, there is a style of birthstone charm jewelry for all of them.

Necklaces: Necklaces are one of the most common jewelry types for birthstone charms. From the simple gemstone on a chain to an elaborate pendant, there are birthstone necklaces to fit any taste. Both young girls and women enjoy birthstone necklaces. They are beautiful and personal, but common enough that they make a great gift regardless of the relationship.

Bracelets: There are a number of bracelet styles that work well with birthstones. They can be given as gifts individually or as part of a set. A charm bracelet with a single birthstone charm is a great starter gift, because additional charms can always be given in the future to mark events, accomplishments, and other special occasions.

Earrings: Earrings are one of the first jewelry types most people think of when it comes to birthstone charms. Women, children, and even infants can wear birthstone earrings. However, as most women already own a pair of basic birthstone earrings, it is a good idea to find a pair that are a little more elaborate or original, rather than basic gemstone studs.

Rings: Rings make a perfect setting for a birthstone or gemstone. They are special without holding the same implications or seriousness you might have with a diamond. They work great for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. Birthstone rings with multiple birthstones can be made to represent a family. Many mothers wear rings with the birthstones of their children. There are also necklaces and bracelets that do the same, but rings are the most common of these.

Basic Birthstone Charms: A simple unchained birthstone charm can make a great gift as well. It is personal enough to show a friend, relative, or loved one that you care, without specifying how she should wear it. Some women prefer necklaces. Others will only wear bracelets. If you are uncertain as to which one to buy, the basic birthstone charm is a nice middle ground as it can work for both.

Tips On Buying Birthstone Charms and Birthstone Jewelry

Choosing the right birthstone charm or birthstone jewelry is fairly easy. To begin with, you need to know which birthstone to buy. Most jewelry stores will have a chart available to reference. Many of them have additional details about the stone or the zodiac sign. Though current gemstone charts may vary slightly from one to the next, most are largely in agreement about which stones are assigned to which birth month. You can also choose to buy an anniversary stone. Using the birthstone chart, choose the stone that represents the month of the anniversary rather than the person’s birth month. Not only will it be unique and special, it will be an interesting conversation piece.

When buying your birthstone jewelry, make sure you’re getting a quality gemstone. It will ensure that your gift is well received and cherished in the future. Once you have decided on the birthstone, you simply have to decide on a piece of jewelry or birthstone charm. They range in styles from simple gemstone studs or charms to elaborate bracelets and necklaces. Personal photos can be a good source of inspiration for choosing a jewelry type. They can help you to determine whether a woman would want a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings. They can also give you an idea of whether she likes simple or more detailed jewelry. As a general rule, women prefer more detailed jewelry than children, but taste differs from person to person. A good trick is to pay attention the next time you see the person you are buying the gift for. Note a piece of jewelry that she is wearing or has worn in the past and try to find something similar with her birthstone.

To make birthstone charms or jewelry more personal and special, consider having them engraved. Birthstone charms and jewelry can be engraved with names, dates, or personal messages depending on the size of the jewelry. There are even birthstone charms that are also lockets. These allow for both engraving and the insertion of personal photos.

Birthstone Charms and Jewelry For Women or Men

While birthstone charms and jewelry are worn more often by women than men, there are times when birthstone jewelry is appropriate for men. Class rings for men often include a birthstone. So do father’s rings, a more masculine variation of the mother’s ring. Some men also wear pendants with the birthstones of their wives or children. These are often worn as a memento when a man has to be away from his family for long periods of time due to military or business purposes.

Whatever the occasion birthstone charms and jewelry make great gifts. They are personal, special, and easy to find. A quality piece of birthstone jewelry will be treasured for years and can even become a family keepsake. If you’re looking for a great gift for a friend, family member, or other loved one, birthstone charms are definitely a good place to start.