Birthstone Jewelry – Rings, Necklaces, Charms, Earrings

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Birthstone Rings

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone Rings

Rings can be for an individual birthstone with a singular gemstone or they can be “stackable” rings with a ring for each child or memory combined on a single finger.


Birthstone Necklaces

Birthstone Necklaces

Birthstone Necklaces

Necklaces can come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations to display your birthday gemstones.


Birthstone Charms

Birthstone Charms

Birthstone Charms

Rings can be for an individual birthstone with a singular gemstone or they can be “stackable” rings with a ring for each child or memory combined on a single finger.

Birthstone Jewelry and it’s Meaning

Birthstone jewelry is still very common today and has a history that dates back millennium. Throughout various eras individuals have decorated themselves with beautiful birthstones not only for aesthetic purposes but also for deeper purpose. Numerous meanings of birthstone jewelry can be personal, social, or therapeutic to name a few. When selecting a piece of birthstone jewelry knowing a bit about its history will be helpful before purchasing it.

-Birthstone Jewelry History

Due to the differences in cultures and beliefs, birthstone meanings of altered through the ages. Legends have been handed down and changed with each period’s beliefs. For instance, the way that sapphires are written about during biblical times could possibly be the same birthstone we currently call lapis lazuli, or a diamond may be the same as a white topaz stone today. In fact, birthstones initially designated for each month were linked to stones adorned on the body armor of the high-priests of Judaism.

The allure of birthstone jewelry has surpassed time and distorted the authentic meanings to embrace various perceptions and prophecies. Actually, meanings today have become so broad that each birthstone definition can interchange with the other. For example, the birthstone for January is the Garnet, which symbolizes good health, patience, creativity, and fortitude. Which is a pretty broad description. Similar in description is the birthstone for April; the diamond. The diamond also symbolizes health, endurance, and courage along with good fortune, innocence, and love.

In addition, all birthstone jewelry is thought to represent good health and luck. Astrologers in times gone by, and many still today, credited paranormal influences to specific gemstones. Basically, the birthstone jewelry we link with particular months are not identical to the ones from long ago. At one time, color was the distinguishing factor of a birthstone, therefore, during earliest times there was no distinction awarded to an Aquamarine stone or an Emerald. Basically, the identities we utilize today may be far from what was used in ancient times.

-Birthstone Myths

Past empires together with the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Aztecs, and Incas, fervently felt that birthstones held multiple qualities. These qualities consisted of healing properties, prophecy, and eternal peace for departing souls.

Here are a few of the mythologies associated with birthstone jewelry:

  • Fabled Birthstones are rumored to derive from the very old Tibetan ethos and goes back millenniums.
  • Healing Birthstones are part of the great Indian civilization who believed that certain stones have curative properties.
  • Biblical Birthstones referred to in the Old Testament may signify the twelve birthstones linked to the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Astrological Birthstones have changed over many years. Astrologers allocated particular birthstones to a certain sign of the zodiac claiming that they “assisted the individual to manipulate the planets to their advantage.”
  • Contemporary Birthstones were not in existence until the early 1900s when American jewelers created a catalog of birthstones in order to develop a general listing of the various birthstones for current usage.

-Birthstone Jewelry Specific Month and Their Meaning

Birthstone for January:
Garnet is elegant, sensual, and romantic. Colors are normally deep red but can be found in purplish and orange hues.
Meaning: Romance, Creativity, Tolerant, Good Health, Resolve, Dependable

Birthstone for February:
Amethyst is shiny, brilliant and abundantly radiant. They are usually found in hues of rich purple or violet. The story goes that whoever wears an Amethyst will not get intoxicated, which is what Amethyst actually means; drunkenness.
Meaning: Soberness, Tranquility, Enthusiastic, Intuitive, Refuge

Birthstone for March:
Aquamarine is a soft, shimmering stone that reflects like the ripples of the sun onto water. The stone is quite delicate as well.
Meaning: Creativity, Insightfulness, Devoted, Friendly, Truthful, Bravery, Health, Love

Birthstone for April:
Diamonds are strong, solid and brilliant and the most popular of all Birthstones.
Meaning: Virtue, Courage, Perpetuity, Lucky, Endurance, Romance

Birthstone for May:
Emeralds are rare these days. Due to their scarcity many jewelers sell man-made versions which can’t compete with genuine Emeralds.
Meaning: Contentment, Belief, Success, Decency, Insight, Love, Fortitude

Birthstone for June:
There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding the birthstone for June. The first birthstone is the Pearl. Pearls are deeply rich due to their origin. They symbolize wonder and longevity. Then there is the Alexandrite. These birthstones are scarce and quite expensive. Their appearance is not deemed very attractive as well. However, the imitation Alexandrites are of another hue which makes them brighter and more sparkly. The other substitute stone for June is the Moonstone.
Meaning: Purity, Success, Respectability, Belief, Health, Peace

Birthstone for July:
Ruby is a very rare, expensive, and very much loved birthstone. As with some other stones Jewelers are turning to selling imitation versions.
Meaning: Satisfaction, Passion, Loyalty, Balance, Dignity, Success, Endurance

Birthstone for August:
Peridot has a strange coloring that some consider off-putting. The hue is close to a pale-green, but more on the green side. They can be either sparkling and radiant or outright boring.
Meaning: Wedded Bliss, Fortune, Nobility, Tranquility, Success, Security, Balanced Home Life, Fame

Birthstone for September:
Sapphire is one of the most well-known stones on the planet. They radiate beautiful lapis-blue hues but can be found in various colors.
Meaning: Wise, Innocent, Compassionate, Triumphant, Peaceful, Honest, Love, Insight

Birthstone for October:
Opals and Pink Tourmalines are the two stones associated with the month of October. Opals are somewhat delicate and can be found in numerous colors. It has been rumored that “if anyone wears an Opal it should be their Birthstone, if not it brings misfortune.” Pink Tourmalines are stunning pink stones that can be found in a greenish hue as well.
Meaning: Faith, Peace, Passion, Purity, Truth, Desire

Birthstone for November:
Yellow Topaz and the Citrine are the two Birthstones associated with November. Both have powerful tones of yellow.
Meaning: Faithfulness, Endurance, Destiny, Fortune, Wisdom, Loyalty, Courage

Birthstone for December:
Blue Topaz and Blue Zircon are the two Birthstones associated with the month of December. Another stone, Tanzanite, has recently been added to the list. Blue Topaz is the most common stone linked with December and can be found in various shades of blue.
Meaning: Fortunate, Successful, Holiness, Courage, Love, Balance, Serenity