Birthstone Rings for Moms, Stackable Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings generally contain specific birth month gemstones that are associated with your birth date. Sometimes birth month rings are stackable allowing moms to have a birthstone for each child represented on her finger.  There is a common belief that wearing birthstone rings, necklace and pendants brings prosperity, good health and luck. Per the Ayurvedic astrology, birthstones have immense power for enhancing your relationships, improving business, and they can able to produce healing and life-enhancing changes in your life.

Importance of Birthstone Rings

Many believe that birth stone gems are the storehouses of nature’s energy. The cosmic rays radiated by these gems have the ability to fight against the destructive and negative vibrations of planets. These negative vibrations are not favorable to the horoscope of a person under their Zodiac sign. Gemstones help to increase the flow of constructive and positive vibrations by strengthening the favorable planets. Zodiac or horoscope is the function of the positions of plants and the vibrations radiated by birthstones. Therefore you may want to wear specific birth stones as per your zodiac sign.

The energy and power of birthstones are capable to increase your psychic powers and mental abilities. Some believe birth gemstones can create immense fortune and good luck. They have the power to remove hurdles and eradicate problems in all areas such as career, marriage, wealth, education, business, etc. Some people believe that birthstones have the ability to cure even the most dangerous and chronic diseases, which otherwise can be cured medically. Just like high potency medicines, birthstones are believed to have magical curative and healing powers. Therefore, the believers say, besides curing the chronic diseases, birthstones can also help protect the wearer.

If you are going through in a difficult time of hardships, misfortunes, agonies, or if your planet is very weak, then a Ayurvedic astrologer might prescribe you a birthstone or gemstone. As per the opinions of some astrologers, the birthstones should not be heated or altered because these are natural stones. You should also wear it in a way that it touches your skin.

Ayurvedic astrology is an ancient Indian science that helps explains the planetary positions and motions in relation with time and its effects on people and other entities on earth. The difference between Vedic astrology and western astrology is in the method of measuring Zodiac. In Vedic astrology, sidereal zodiac (stars are considered to be fixed against which motions of planets are measured) verus in western astrology, tropical zodiac is used (motions of planets are measured against the position of sun on Spring equinox).

Birthstone Rings by Zodiac Sign

* Aries : Coral,
* Taurus : Golden Topaz,
* Gemini : Emerald,
* Cancer : Pearl,

* Leo : Ruby,
* Virgo : Emerald,
* Libra : Opal,
* Scorpio: Coral,

* Sagittarius : Turqouise,
* Capricorn : Garnet,
* Aquarius : Amethyst,
* Pisces : Cat’s eye

Aries (21 March – 19 April; Birthstone: Coral)

Aries, the first zodiac sign, is generally considered as the most powerful and fundamental sign. Aries persons are self radiant, independent, and extrovert and their glory and power are definite. Though courageous and loyal, they are strongly dominated by emotions. Lack of maturity, egotism, and pride are the major limitations of those born as Aries. These problems can be solved by wearing birthstone rings, pendent, or necklace. Their birthstone is coral and it helps them to control the habits like over excitement, laziness, and impatiens. It is also helpful for achieving financial success, peace, and love.

Taurus (20 April – 21 May; Birthstone : Golden Topaz)

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus. Those under Taurus like good things in life, including food and their outbursts are short lived. By wearing Golden Topaz, the Taurus sign can control their anger and remove obstacles in life. They should wear the birthstone ring in their index finger. It can also be worn as a pendant or charm provided it contacts the skin.

Gemini (22 May- 21 June; Birthstone : Emerald)

It is very difficult to interpret the Gemini people. Duality, flirtatious nature, sincere affection, loyalty and capriciousness, etc are the peculiarities of this sign. By wearing the birthstone, Emerald, Geminis can get rid of their problems like impatience, restlessness, etc. Leaving work in the middle is a habit of Geminis. If you wear a birthstone ring or pendent, you can complete your work instead of leaving it in the middle. You should wear your birth stone ring on your small finger. It can also be worn as a pendant.

Cancer (22 June – 22 July; Birthstone: Pearl)

The birthstone of cancer is pearl. People with Cancer as their zodiac sign are known for their strong likes and dislikes and their desire for publicity. You can solve problems such as inferiority complexes, mood fluctuations, etc by wearing a birthstone ring or pendant of pearl.

Leo (23 July – August 22; Birthstone: Ruby)

You can solve the problems such as impatience, egotistical, impulsive, boastful, arrogant, and violent nature by wearing your birthstone ring or pendant.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September; Emerald, Sapphire)

Emeralds and Sapphires, the favorite gems of Lord Ganesha, are the birthstone of Virgos depending on the month you were born.  Virgos tend to be strong-willed, sharp of intellect, with an excellent eye for detail, and love language perhaps to a fault – argumentative. You can get rid of your quarrelsome, rigid, narrow, and critical nature with birth gem stone contact.

Libra (23 Sept – 23 Oct; Birthstone: Opal)

Libra people are very persuasive, diplomatic, and tactful. The birthstone of Libras is Opal. You can solve the problems such as changeable, selfish, easy going nature by wearing a birthstone pendant or charm.

Scorpio (24 oct- 21 Nov; Coral)

Scorpios can control habits like jealousy, dominating and possessive nature by wearing birthstone rings or pendants. Your birthstone is Coral and the ring can be worn on your ring finger.

Sagittarius (22 Nov – 21 Dec; Birthstone: Turquoise)

Good intuition, promotion and fortune are associated with the Sagittarius who are versatile, optimistic, jovial, kind, and friendly. However, the problems such as exaggeration, over confidence, aggressiveness, boastfulness, etc are also associated with people with this sun sign. Turquoise is the lucky birthstone of Sagittarius and the ring should be worn on index finger.

Capricorn (22 Dec – 19 Jan; Birthstone Garnet)

Capricorns have tremendous energy, organizing ability, and driving ambition. You are efficient and practical and have strong character. The birthstone of Capricorn is Garnet and by wearing the pendent or ring, you can solve problems such as selfishness and pessimistic nature. You should wear the birthstone rings on your middle finger.

Aquarius (20 Jan – 19 Feb; Birthstone: Amethyst)

Aquarius can deal with their problems such as selfish and pessimistic nature by wearing their birthstone rings, pendant or necklace. The ring should be worn on your middle finger.

Pisces (20 Feb – March 20; Birthstone: Cat’s eye)

This is the sign of water. Artistic refinement and imaginative psychic nature are the characteristics of Pisces. Birthstone rings, pendants, and necklace are helpful for you so handle problems such as mood fluctuations, impracticality, carelessness, etc. Your lucky birthstone is cat’s eye and the ring should be worn on your ring finger.

Birthstone Rings for Moms or a Healthy Zodiac Sign

Wearing birthstones will can help you to get the right circumstances, opportunities, and situations, which are essential for achieving your objectives, aims and fulfilling your desires. This is also beneficial for curing diseases, solving physical, spiritual and mental problems, increasing psychic powers, etc. The astrologers also say that wearing birthstone rings, pendants, or charms are beneficial for solving all the problems relating to your finance, education, marriage, career, and potential business issues.  At a minimum a birthstone rings for moms help them display their love for their kids, especially if they get a design with stackable rings allowing all children to be represented on one finger as they are in her heart.