December Birthstone – Blue Topaz

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the month of December. Many people say that it is reminiscent of a clear blue lake on a summer’s afternoon. In Sanskrit the word for topaz is “tapas”, meaning fire. Contrary to its translation, this stone has been known to ancient civilizations to have cooling properties.

For one giving the gift of topaz, it is symbolic of fidelity and love. It can be used to calm an individual’s hot temper, cure insanity, improve weakened vision, relieve asthma attacks, and bring sleep to those inflicted by insomnia.

It is believed that the gemstones for each month aligns with the season, our spiritual and mental energy. Some might have been believed to emit almost religious magical or religious powers, and even the powers to aid in ailing health. Some offered protection Every month represents a change or shift within the year. All of these shifts are part of the greater cycle that occurs each year with birth and rebirth and death. Throughout history, specific gemstones have been designated to symbolize our birth-month granting those who wore them specific strengths needed within that month. In present time, according to the Gregorian or Western Calendar, there is a gemstone for each month.

Topaz is comprised of silicate, one of the hardest of materials. Pure topaz is actually colorless, however with minor changes within the stone it has been found as a pale green, a truer blue, pink and yellow. The paler the topaz, the most expensive it will be. Most people recognize this precious stone for its beautiful aqua-turquoise shade. The three main shades of this range are called: London Blue, Sky, and Swiss. London Blue is the deepest of blue and for those who cannot afford a sapphire, this is a substitute.

The alternative to the topaz for December is the Turquoise. It was dubbed this title as it was brought to Europe from Turkey, and according to recorded history, is one of the first gemstones to be placed in jewelry. Though originally discovered in Turkey, it is also mined in Mexico, Pakistan, China, the United States, Brazil and Nigeria. Turquoise was adorned by the ancients to ward of all evil spirits and stave away ill health. Bracelets worn on the arm of the Egyptian queen, Zer, were unearthed and found to be 7,500 years old. It represented the Egyptian gods Isis and Amum. To those who wear Turquoise, its color brings about feelings of happiness and good fortune. As for Christian and biblical symbols, it represents the cycle of birth, old age and death, as the stone itself has a life cycle, darkening with age. During Medieval times, physicians would ground the stone up, using it to treat skin inflammations.

Other Symbols of December:

December Birth Flower:

The Narcissus and Holly. Narcissus is symbolic of self-love and vanity and its name originates from Greek mythology and the tale of handsome Narcissus. While he was admiring the reflection of himself in a pool, he happened to be ignoring the lovely nymph, Echo. For this, she punished him as he was falling in love with his appearance and died. Following his death a a flower appeared where he had sat.
The holly sacred to Saturn and had been used during the Roman festival, Saturnalia to honor him.

December Birth Tree:

Fig Tree, Apple Tree. The apple is universally a symbol of joy, fertility, peace, youthfulness, and love.

Famous People Born in December:

Denzel Washington- December 28, 1954

Tyson Beckford- December 19, 1970

John Wayne- December 5, 1970

Jake Gyllenhaal- December 19, 1980

Tyra Banks- December 4, 1973

Katie Holmes- December 18, 1978

Christina Aguilera- December 18, 1980

Jim Morrison- December 8, 1943