Diamond – Traditional April Birthstone

A diamond is considered to be one of the most precious stones for its rarity and unique sparkle. The ancient Greeks adored what they considered pieces of broken stars fallen on earth, crystallized lightning or tears of the Gods. Kings wore diamonds on the battlefield to symbolize their strength and bravery. In modern times, this traditional April birthstone is believed to bring happiness, money and security to the bearer.

Physical Features:

April Birthstone Diamond

April Birthstone Diamond

If we look at the origin of the word “diamond”, it is derived from “adamastos” which means invincible in Greek and aptly describes this highly durable stone. In fact, the diamond is the hardest natural substance in existence and lends itself to cutting and engraving applications. Professional diamond cutters know the exact planes to apply pressure when cutting this stone; these are called points of cleavage.

Relation to Love:

This stone has come to be associated with love and passion. Gifting diamond jewelry as a sign of affection has evolved from the ancient Greeks, who firmly believed that the sparkle of a diamond reflected the fire of eternal love. Austrian Archduke Maximilian is the first recorded person in history to gift a diamond ring to his fiance, a tradition that has continued to this day.

Connection with the Month of April:

The transparent, hard and sparkling diamond is often compared to ice, and hence, it seems more suited to be the birthstone for a winter month. However, these qualities of the diamond are not celebrated as much as its light reflecting property, creating a rainbow of colors. In the same way, the month of April brings spring with it, where the hibernating earth awakens from slumber and is covered in a carpet of multi-hued flowers. Though the diamond is colorless in its pure form, it is sometimes found in pale colors of pink, yellow, blue and green, depending on the mineral impurities present within it. These colors perfectly represent April.

Another parallel between this month and its traditional birthstone is the ability to heal. The beauty of nature during April provides solace to the mind and the pleasant climate offers comfort from the extreme cold of the past months. The diamond has medicinal properties and is used in pituitary gland and brain diseases. The clarity of a diamond is often compared to the clear air that is experienced in April. This magical spring month and a brilliant diamond are both a promise of everlasting love.

Connection with Zodiac Signs:

A person born in early April falls under the astrological Zodiac sign of Aries, the ram. Those born on or after the 20th of the month are under the influence of Taurus, the bull. Going by zodiac signs and not by months in the Gregorian calendar, the diamond is the traditional birthstone of Aries.

Specialty of a Diamond:

It is the favorite and most valued piece of jewelry that one can possess; the ladies will agree that a diamond is indeed a girl’s best friend. 60 years of togetherness in marriage is celebrated as the Diamond Jubilee, because a diamond is forever.