Amethyst – Traditional February Birthstone

February Birthstone Amethyst

Amethyst, the traditional February birthstone, is a quartz stone that is violet in color, and is commonly used to create beautiful jewelry pieces, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It is also known for its healing and spiritual properties, and is often worn by energy healers. Traditionally, Amethyst was worn in Ancient times in order to […]

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Citrine – Traditional November Birthstone

November Birthstone - Citrine

While topaz has been thought by many to be the traditional November birthstone, it’s actually citrine which holds that honor. With warm, fiery colors, the dark amber citrine is often referred to as Madeira because it so strongly resembles the color of the wine. Citrine is a gem which has been found in colors ranging […]

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Topaz – Alternate Birthstone for November

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Throughout history, topaz has gained prominence as the birthstone for November, a common anniversary gift, and as a gem to be used in many pieces of jewelry. It has been associated with values such as strength, wisdom and courage. It does come in a variety of colors, including golden brown or yellow, blue, red, and […]

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Peridot- Traditional August Birthstone

August Birthstone - Peridot

Peridot, the traditional August birthstone, is a beautiful gem from the mineral combination Olivine. The stone’s gorgeous color ranges from a pale olive to bright green with subtle gold hues throughout, and it is the national gem of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians referred to this lovely stone as “the gem of the sun”. Historically speaking, Peridot […]

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Ruby – Traditional July Birthstone

July Birthstone Ruby

The radiant ruby is the traditional July birthstone. Representing integrity, passion, and devotion, the ruby also symbolizes great strength, courage, and happiness. The ruby is one of the hardest materials in the world, third only to the diamond and the moissanite. It is often the preferred choice for engagement rings due to its vibrant coloring. […]

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Topaz – Traditional December Birthstone

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Each month of the Gregorian calendar is assigned a traditional birthstone, depending on the season and the general human state at that time of the year. For the last month of the year, the traditional December birthstone is topaz. To be more specific, it is blue topaz for December, to differentiate it from yellow topaz, […]

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Sapphire – Traditional September Birthstone

September Birthstone Sapphire

Throughout the ages, Sapphire has been given the place of royalty among gemstones and has long been the traditional September birthstone. Ancient legends described this world as one set upon a tremendous sapphire that cast the sky blue with its reflection. Blue is the traditional color of the birthstone sapphire but in actuality, the gem […]

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Garnet – Traditional January Birthstone

January Birthstone Garnet

According to the American National Association of Jewelers, garnet is the traditional January birthstone. Garnets come in different shades and colors ranging from red, yellow, orange, blue, brown, purple and pink to colorless. The rarest of these gemstones is the blue garnet. These January gemstones exhibit unique light transmission qualities, making them appear to change […]

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Opal – Traditional October Birthstone

October Birthstone - Opal

Consisting of up to thirty percent water, the translucent opal is the traditional October birthstone, and for the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio respectively. With its fantastic color variations, the opal is one of the most beautiful of all birthstones. The opal’s colors change dependent upon the lighting and its surroundings, and it is said […]

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Emerald – Traditional May Birthstone

May Birthstone Emerald

For those people lucky to be born in the month of May, the emerald is considered to be the traditional May birthstone. Those with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer and some under the sign of Gemini can claim the verdant stone as their own. The Arabic word for emerald means lightning, symbolizing the precious […]

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Aquamarine – Traditional March Birthstone

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

The aquamarine gemstone, the traditional March birthstone, has a varied range of shades of blue, from the richest shade of the sea to an almost transparent pale blue. In fact, the name of the stone has its origin in Latin and is made up of two parts; “aqua” meaning water and “mare” meaning sea. So, […]

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Pearl – Traditional June Birthstone

June Birthstone Pearl

Those born in the month that ushers in summer can proudly wear a strand or two of pearls to mark the traditional June birthstone. Most will share the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer. Scientifically, almost any mollusk can produce pearls, but they will not possess the same beauty as pearls produced from oysters. It […]

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