Topaz – Traditional December Birthstone

Each month of the Gregorian calendar is assigned a traditional birthstone, depending on the season and the general human state at that time of the year. For the last month of the year, the traditional December birthstone is topaz. To be more specific, it is blue topaz for December, to differentiate it from yellow topaz, one of the alternative birthstones for November. People born in December may seek good fortune and fortitude by wearing a ring adorned with a blue topaz stone.

Properties and Attributes of Topaz:

December Birthstone - Blue TopazTopaz ranks high among gemstones in terms of hardness, thereby giving it strength and durability. It is a silicate mineral; a topaz crystal tends to be well-formed and with multiple facets, weighing up to a few hundred pounds. Naturally occurring topaz has a pale blue appearance, though the presence of impurities sometimes makes it appear slightly turquoise in shade. The process of irradiation creates a deeper blue hue in this stone. The three resultant commercial shades, in increasing order of intensity, are Sky, Swiss and London; the last one is the most expensive.

While the name originates from “tapas”, a Sanskrit word that translates to fire, it is known as a cooling stone since ancient times; many believe it gets rid of hot tempers and insanity. It also has medical properties; improves weak eyesight, provides relief to asthma patients and cures insomnia.

Why is Blue Topaz linked with December?

The shimmering, cool blue topaz is very similar to a serene lake with streaks of sunlight peeping through the clouds to playing with the water’s surface. It can also be compared to the crisp sky in the winter. Its resemblance to ice makes it perfect as the traditional birthstone of a December-born; such people usually have a pleasing, cheerful personality and are blessed with patience.

December is also a time for partying and celebrating with loved ones. The sparkle in the topaz represents the festivities and joy of this month very well. In modern times, the month of December is sometimes thought to have turquoise or tanzanite as its birthstone. These are blue stones as well, but significantly darker than the blue topaz.

Zodiac Signs linked to Topaz:

The dominant astrological Zodiac sign for December is Sagittarius, which is applicable until 22nd December. People born after this date have Capricorn as their zodiac sign. Just like birthstones, these signs make quite an impact on people’s personalities. Sagittarius the archer influences people to be honest, philosophical, optimistic, jovial and free-spirited. They are aided by their birthstone, the blue topaz, in bringing their latent leadership skills to the fore and giving them more control over life.

Topaz Jewelry:

The blue topaz is associated with a 4th wedding anniversary and is gifted in some form. The cool blue of this stone goes well with silver or platinum jewelry; while its beautiful crystals stand out in any ring, pendant or ear-rings design. Topaz is symbolic of loyal love, and makes the perfect gift for loved ones celebrating their birthday in December.